Saturday, July 23, 2011

7-22-11 the Dark Ale

Ok I know i wanted to re do a few beers before starting a new one but oh well.
Dark ale, Cascadian black ale, what ever you wanna call it. I liked everyone I tried so far, so lets try our own.

I chose:
4 lbs maris otter
4 lbs 2 row
1 lbs 40L
1 oz chinook @ 60
.5 oz cascade at 15
.5 oz cascade at 0
Windsor yeast

but to get it black I am gonna steep 1 lbs of black patent in cold water for a few hours. Then use that water for the mash water. I wanna get the color, but not the roast.

Wow. looks pretty black right now as I'm pouring it in.
After 45 min, I took a taste and no roasty at all. gonna let it go for a while.
After an hour and a half it defiantly tastes different, just a tad bit of roast. I'm gonna drain it now and save the water for later.

right before I started heating the water I decided to do a second run of the black patent for the second sparge. So I collected another 3 1/2 gallons

ok ready to start heating the mash water. she is black as black can be.
So I got 4 gallons of this black water heating to 160 to hopefully mash at 154.
Ok i think were are going to settle at 153 and thats good enough. hit the 60 min timer.
Hey we got 3 gallons out of the first sparge and I have another 3 1/2 gallons going into second batch. Pretty good guessing.

Ok we got boil. In go all the Chinooks. sure looks black in there
15 left of boil. in go half of the Cascades and the chiller. everything is going pretty good
0! we are at flame out, in go the rest of the cascades.

Wow I am actually surprised at how fast we chilled down. its like 90 out here. thought it would take all night.
tastes like I was hoping it would so far.

gonna pitch the yeast and thats it.

oh yea out OG is 1.050

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