Saturday, May 14, 2011

March 2011, Pale, Mild and Cream ale

First beer brew of the year. doing my Duck creek pale. the summit hopped one. 26 degrees in the garage.

9.5 pale 2row
1 lbs 40L
.5 summit @60
.25 summit @15
.5 cascade @ 5
.25 summit @5
.5 cascade @ flame out
US 05 yeast.

Mashing @ 154. 60 min with 4 gallons. Strike water was 165. mash seems a bit thin
got 3 gallons first sparge.
3.5 gall sparge water at 165. got just over 3 gall in second sparge. Grains really pack tight during sparge,, but did NOT get a stuck.
Really looks dark for only having 40L

I just noticed that I didnt use any irish moss. and its sure is cloudy,, but the kind of cloudy that I think will clear.
Is really churning away right now. temp is steady at 62. I must have had a huge boil off because I think I’m looking at no more than 4 ½ gall in fermentor. Readying recipe for this weekends brew. its gonna be a brown,, trying to determine if will be english or American,, Gonna pick up some Moose drool to sample,,

English brown.
7.5 maris otter
.25 chocolate
.25 Special B
.25 Buscuit
.25 special roast
1 oz fuggles @ 60
used widsor yeast

This was a rush job. Sunday night.. forgot I had bought the stuff. but it went well.
Mashed at 154. I used just over 3 gallons of 165 water. ( thought it was going to be a lot lower mash because I had left the grains in the car so temps were probably in the 30’s)
Really had a hard time sparging. partial stuck mash over and over. even added more hot water to thin it out but didnt work.
But got everything to go after a while. While the mash was 154,, the wert seemed really thick. even after the boil it seemed thick. Which I think is ok.
60 min boil and into fermenter. pitched yeast and into the box.

checked up on the brown and it is bubling nicely. deep dark brown,, looks fairly clear. appears normal.
Right next to it is last weeks APA. appears to be done fermenting, and is has cleared alot. lots of fallout.
Just realised that I have not taked any OG readings on either of these.
Gonna let the APA sit tilll next week and then keg/bottle.

took a look this morning and everything looks good. The APA is clearing nicely and am probably gonna get it into a keg this weekend, and also bottle a 6er of it for the Open. Still about 6 weeks off so should be long enough to carb and clear.
The Brown appears to be done fermenting. Was very close to blowing over but stopped just short.

3-26-11 the duck creek pale was kegged last week and has been sitting at prime pressure since. Taking first pull off it now.
slight haze, but i know i forgot the irish moss but it looks like the kind of haze that will clear with age.
After running the first pint of yeast off the smell of grapefruit has filled the room.
taste is a that bitter cascade, but not sharp on the tounge (just what I was trying to get by moving most of the hops additions to end of boil) and a big big grapefruit taste.. But is less sweeter than I was looking for. not dry (again i forgot to take readings) but tastes very green yet. I think time will make this better. as it sits i give it a 8 on my scale of 10.

3-26-11 Also kegged up the brown ale but I am not so sure thats what i got.
Everything about this beer is exactly what I was looking for. (as far as I can tell while uncarbbed)
except i minor thing.. Its not brown. and i dont think its even close to brown. Dark golden maybe. how the hell can it go from really brown to not at all brown in a week? I even checked the name to make sure i had the right beer.. weird. ah well, I’ll take another look at it when its carbbed up..

starting to heat sparge water for a cream ale
its 40 degree out sunny no wind. movie while brewing GI Joe rise of t he Cobra

here is what I came up with
7 lbs 2 row
.5 lbs vienna
1 -14oz box of minute rice
.5 lbs 20L
1 oz cluster hops (divided in to 1/3s 1 @ 60, 1 @ 20, 1 @ 1
US05 yeast
doughed in 3 gallons at 158 to get a mash temp of hopefully 150
and missed it. 145,, gonna add a bit of boiling to bring it up about half gallon
150 it is
90 min mash because of the rice but was converted at 60
got 2 gallons first wort,, second sparge water is 4 gallons useing 3 gallons of it rest use to make boil volume. got about 6.5 gallon total for boil

everything normal,, 60 min boil. heavier than normal boil looks like.
OG 1.040
looks like wads of white glops all over fom the rice.


gonna rack and bottle the mead tonight or tomorrow. cant wait to see how this is. Got enought for a 3 gallon batch just a waiting for the signal.

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